The Most Popular Kitchen Design Trends Of Every Decade

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The Most Popular Kitchen Design Trends Of Every Decade: With an emphasis on the kitchen as the center of the house and its stomach, we start our history of the home front in the 1920s, a century ago. We’ve gathered, decade by decade, the spirit of every era as seen in the interior design choices made by individuals. Popular fashions changed significantly from one era to the next, and not every trend has returned to popularity.

The Most Popular Kitchen Design Trends Of Every Decade

Some of these styles from the past century have cycled back into fashion today.


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1920s & 30s: All About Art Deco

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  • “When I think of design from the 20s, I think of Art Deco: dramatic colors, geometric patterns and glamorous luxury,” says interior designer Courtney Thomas. In agreement,
  • designer JuliAnne Kelly says that this period was marked by checkered flooring and lots of Art Deco inspiration.
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1940s: Retro Rules

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  • For Kelly, the 1940s sparks images of colorful homes. In this period, hues including butter yellow and cherry red commonly graced kitchen cabinets and tile.
  • Geometric patterns such as herringbone were also popular in 1940s kitchens, as was bent wood furniture. In this era, Art Deco declined in favor of more traditional motifs and styles with pops of primary color.
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1950s: Nuclear Chic

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  • Pastel colors were a fixture of 1950s home decor, especially in kitchens where aqua was a common cabinet color—complete with linoleum floors and vibrant appliances, of course.
  • During this time, atomic motifs also blew up in popularity. Atomic boomerangs could be seen in many homes across the South.
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1960s: Mid Century Modern

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  • In the 1960s, home decor took a turn from the last decade. In the 60s, the Pop Art movement was accompanied by psychedelic influence, particularly in textiles featuring groovy patterns.
  • Kelly also notes that in the 1960s, homeowners moved towards wood cabinetry
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1970s: Kitsch In The Kitchen

The Most Popular Kitchen Design Trends Of Every Decade

  • The 1970s was the era of kitsch. Kitchens in this period reflected homeowners’ personalities and were often filled with a multitude of muted colors.
  • Paneled walls were also trending during the 1970s, as was Terrazzo. “Terrazzo came onto the scene in the 20s but its popularity exploded in the 70s, mostly in flooring,” says Thomas.
  • The 1970s also featured statement ceiling and soft shapes, according to interior designer Lisa Shaffer. “The 70s introduced the idea of open floor plans with bold colors, floating staircases,
  • double-height spaces, and larger windows,” she adds.
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1980s: “More Is More”

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  • In the 1980s, “bright color and opulence was the rule with layers and layers of accessories,” says interior designer Mary Tobias Miller.
  • The pillows on the sofa were the same fabric as the Drapery. The color palette either matched or coordinated. There were lots of heavy trims.”
  • This involved porcelain flanking art on the walls. Plus, Kelly points out that raised Panel Wood cabinets, square backsplash, floral wallpaper were additionally popular in kitchens during this time.
  • Meanwhile, Shaffer adds geometric shapes, bold color combinations, and graphic patterns to the 80s’ equation.
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1990s: European Invasion

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  • Evolving from the trends of the 1980s, Miller reveals that an “‘all things European and especially English’ trend trickled into the South in the 1990s.”
  • “French and English antiques were the rage,” she says. “Designers were traveling overseas to buy up containers of everything from period 18th-century goods to ‘reimagined’
  • pieces which might be made up of the top of one piece of furniture and the bottom of another.”
  • During this time, large porcelain collections could be seen in homes across the South, as could Asian rugs and chinoiserie pieces. Kelly further notes that grainy oak cabinetry was all the rage in kitchens during the 90s.
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2000s: Sanctuary Style

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  • Family rooms were often an extension of the dressier, sleeker kitchen,” she says. “Entertaining became less formal in the 2000s and a little more family style.
  • A scullery might have been added for the more functional aspects of entertaining like dish washing.”
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2010s: The Age Of Minimalism

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  • Larger kitchens were a staple of the 2010s in comparison to previous periods, and islands often took these large kitchens by storm.
  • Stainless steel and glossy countertops were almost guaranteed to be present as well
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What’s Come Back Around

  • Not all home décor trends cycle back into style, but it’s safe to say that some motifs of the last decade are reemerging.
  • Today’s style represents a mod-podge of styles from the past and represents looks from several periods. For one, 1920s kitchen style seems to be slowly coming into fashion


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