7 Old-School Kitchen Trends Making A Comeback In 2024

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7 Old-School Kitchen Trends Making A Comeback In 2024: There’s a good reason why they say the kitchen is the Centre of the house. Meals are the center of life, and they all start in the same area. For numerous individuals, it serves as the beginning of their day, their first destination when returning from work or school, and their final destination prior to retiring for the evening. What’s the point?

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7 Old-School Kitchen Trends Making A Comeback In 2024

Mixed Fixtures

Get the Look: Mixed Metal Finishes - Flip The Switch

  • When you can mix things up, why match? Take advantage of hardware and lighting instead of letting them blend in as they have the ability to completely alter the atmosphere of a room.
  • Brittany Machos, the proprietor of her own interior design company with an office in Sarasota, Florida, says, “I love mixing traditional-style hardware and modern cabinetry doors.”
  • Eclectic and vintage hardware and lighting add so much personality to a space.”



Functional Storage

Function-Friendly Design Tips | Closet & Storage Concepts Philadelphia

  • “The days of merely putting items in cabinets is over, according to Dallas, Texas-based interior designer Laura Botelho, who founded her own company.
  • Everything in the kitchen, including butler’s pantries, equipment garages, and concealed spice pull-out drawers, will have a specific location, according to her prediction.
  • Floor to ceiling cabinets and lower drawer storage are popular with Katy Kindred, co-founder of Kindred Studio in Charlotte, North Carolina, who says they allow you to “leave more room on upper walls for art and fun lighting moments.”



Moody Colors

Color Palette: Dark + Moody — Paper Heart Design

  • Now that all-white kitchens have had their day, rich, dark coolers deserve a moment of attention. Nachos likes black, green, and burgundy countertops and cabinets with hues of dark blue, green, and red.
  • Love the style, but lack the funds and time to pull it off? Seek for accessories and furniture in the same tones to give depth rather than picking up a paintbrush or phoning the closest countertop fabricator.

Statement Range Hoods

In The Kitchen: Statement Hoods — The Green Room Interiors

  • Every kitchen requires a focal point, and according to Botelho, the range hood is returning as the kitchen’s main feature. Range hoods made of plasterboard, shiplap, board and batten wood,
  • metal or even stone or brick will be seen.’ A feature like this conveys the idea, “I take my kitchen seriously.”


Asymmetrical Island - Photos & Ideas | Houzz

Although balance is usually considered when designing a kitchen, Kindred claims that slightly unconventional spaces are currently very fashionable. To create wonderfully unexpected focus points, imaginative arrangements of color, pattern, and negative space are used. This might be a single shelf on one side of the island in your own kitchen, or it could be a combination of vertical cabinets and horizontal drawers adjacent to one another.


Warmer Earth Tones

Warm Earth Tones Gráfico por Wanida Toffy · Creative Fabrica

  • As previously stated, Leigh Speicher, National Director of Design Studios for Ashton Woods Homes, claims that customers are choosing “warm, neutral cooler palettes that soothe our senses” in place of white-on-white kitchens.
  • Dark forest greens and creamy whites are among them.
  • According to Botelho, you may find this in stone worktops, reclaimed wood in open shelving and cutting boards, natural wood cabinetry, and the fabrics that cover your windows, tables, and chairs.

Stone Backsplashes

Natural Stacked Stone Backsplash Tiles For Kitchens and Bathrooms

  • Nachos is seeing a lot of seamless stone backsplashes that highlight the striking patterns and color’s, frequently paired with floating shelves.
  • According to Botelho, “more contemporary, minimalistic kitchens used to have stone backsplashes.” “In order to create a smooth, streamlined effect and truly display the exquisite design and veining in the stone,
  • we’ll see more homeowners choose to extend their stone worktops up the wall.

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